How the star is drawn.
Version of 3 July 2011.

The following Adobe PostScript code produces the 17-pointed star appearing on each page:


/G 17 def 
/P  5 def  
/D G P sub def
/R D P div def

/Size G 0.25 add def
<< /PageSize [ Size 3 mul dup ] >> setpagedevice
1.5 dup scale
Size dup translate 
0.2 0.5 0.6 setrgbcolor

G 0 moveto 
0 1 360 P mul {
    /N exch def
    /XL D N cos mul def
    /YL D N sin mul def
    /XR R N mul cos P mul def
    /YR R N mul sin P mul def
    /XT XL XR add G div def
    /YT YL YR sub G div def 
    /AT YT XT atan def
    /RT XT dup mul YT dup mul add sqrt def
    /ST RT log 1.6 mul 10 exch exp def
    /XQ ST AT cos mul G mul def
    /YQ ST AT sin mul G mul def
    XQ YQ lineto
} for