The exact number of spaces on a CORPORATE GIGABUCKS board is not critical. The board illustrated on the home page has 42 spaces, while the examples below vary. To have fewer spaces means a shorter game, because corporations will get chartered faster, and the average number of PrLiTos per corporation will rise more quickly. Thus bankruptcies will occur sooner.

Despite their different shapes, all the spaces on these example boards have very nearly the same area. The colors make it easier to distinguish one space from the next, and are not significant unless players establish a special rule.

The sinuous layout of examples 1 and 2 squeezes the spaces into minimal total area.

example 1
30 spaces,

example 2
54 spaces,

An empty space in the middle of the board as in example 3 may be convenient for storing unused charter cards and PrLiTos.

example 3
54 spaces,

In example 4, the aisle between non-consecutive spaces has been shrunk. This makes clear that some pairs of spaces, for instance 35 and 40, or 14 and 27, might be classified as adjacent, even though they are not consecutive. While players' tokens would still traverse spaces in numerical sequence, players might in an optional rule give special significance to the adjacent pairs.

example 4
42 spaces,
no aisle