These six denominations should suffice if each player's allotment of currency is $300,000,000,000:

Larger denominations may be helpful to players who vary the rules:

The letter Q is little attested as a Roman numeral, but was selected here as an alternative to using a V with a bar across the top to represent 5000. Q is the first letter of the Latin words quinque, meaning five; and quintus, meaning fifth. The denomination is also written out in Greek.

There is a system to the background patterns on the notes:

Also, the background color and line color in the smaller six denominations are the reverse of the those in the higher denominations. In all the notes, the text color is not quite black, but is a darker version of the background color. Further, all are the same hues as used on the sample playing board and charter cards, but with varying saturations and brightnesses.