Ellipse Protractors.
Version of Thursday 16 February 2023.
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This page is based on a suggestion from technical illustrator David Akawie.

These are protractors for use in technical drawing, where the projection of a circle becomes an ellipse.

These protractors on this page are independent of any particular axonometric projection. Thus they differ from those on the same author's axonometric protractor page, where the protractors do rely on an axonometric context.

The length of an ellipse's minor axis, divided by the length of its major axis, gives the sine of the ellipse's degree designation. The 90-degree version is an ordinary circular protractor. The 5- and 10-degree protractors are of limited use, but are included for completeness.

The images are in the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format, meaning that the user can download them and resize them as desired. This contrasts to raster graphics, where an image has a fixed number of pixels, and may perform poorly when rescaled. The SVG was generated by the author's custom-written C++ program.

No copyright is claimed.

5° thru 45°, step 5°
50° thru 70°, step 5°
75° thru 90°, step 5°
18° thru 72°, step 18°