Usual Flemish bond.
Version of 17 February 2009.

These diagrams show some ways to effect Flemish bond using bricks that have the length:width ratio 2:1, which is the proportion most frequently encountered. Rendered in yellow are bricks that must to be cut to fit.

To better duplicate the appearance of a traditional wall, the bricks chosen for the illustrations have a height that is one third of the length. This length:width:height ratio 6:3:2 is characteristic of modular brick, and it enables a variety of fancy bonds.

In figure A, the cut bricks are of full length and height, but half width. In the left leg of the ell, odd courses have two cut bricks, but evens have none. In the right leg by contrast, each course has one cut brick.


In figure B, the cut bricks are of full width and height, but three-quarters length.


Figure C shows that the two cut sizes can be used in the same wall.


Tees and crossings also entail a significant quantity of cut bricks.