Below are enumerated some of Dave Barber's
dry, technical, and arguably overwrought discourses
— which have been characterized as "exhaustive" on the one hand and "exhausting" on the other —
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Sundry Obscure Topics,
all the good subjects having already been covered elsewhere;
whereafter reside miscellaneous comments
plausibly characterizable as grumblings.




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It is intentional that these pages use the simplest web technology possible, so as to maximize compatibility with various browsers, and to minimize internet bandwidth consumption. The author does not attempt to stay au courant with the HTML standards du jour.

I am a firm adherent of Sturgeon's Law, which says that ninety percent of everything is garbage. I have no doubt that Sturgeon's Law applies to this very website. Had I any way to discern which of the above pages were indeed vapid trash, I would be pleased to promptly delete them; I welcome nominations.

A persistent recursivist might inquire:

Atlanta driving rules:

Among the glories of mensuration in the United States is the following:

Feathers, and most other things, are weighed by the avoirdupois ounce, which is about 28.35 grams. However, gold and other precious metals are weighed by the troy ounce, which is about 31.10 grams. So the ounce of feathers weighs less than the ounce of gold.

Meanwhile, an avoirdupois pound is sixteen avoirdupois ounces, making the pound of feathers weigh about 453.59 grams. But a troy pound is only twelve troy ounces, which works out to about 373.24 grams. So the pound of feathers weighs more than the pound of gold.

Miscellaneous wisdom:

Deeply-held binary convictions
bad good
Printed plaids Woven plaids
Books with glued-in pages Books with sewn-in pages
Bridge-size playing cards Poker-size playing cards
Five-line monthly calendars ("23/30", "24/31") Six-line monthly calendars
American paper sizes,
e.g. letter = 8½ × 11 inches
International paper sizes,
e.g. A4 = 297 × 210 millimeters
Prescriptive grammar Descriptive grammar
Diet Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Zero
PC Mac

You were under the impression
That when you were walking forwards
You'd end up further onward,
But things ain't quite that simple
— "I've Had Enough", Quadrophenia, The Who.

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